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vegan friendly restaurants in Sunnyvale

Merit Vegan Cuisine

Merit Vegan Cuisine is 100% plant based and has been in Sunnyvale since 2007. They serve freshly-prepared Aulacese, Chinese, Indian, and Thai dishes. Merit uses high quality, organic ingredients whenever possible. The owners encourage and support a compassionate way of living that brings peace and happiness to our world.

Great Vegi Land

Great Vegi Land in Sunnyvale, CA serves 100% vegetarian food that is homemade from fresh, local produce. They do not use any animal products at all. They don’t use garlic, onion, milk, cheese, eggs nor canned goods! Great Vegi Land is closed on Mondays.

Madras Cafe

Madras Cafe has flavorful, fresh vegan South Indian food in the South Bay. It’s also inexpensive. Try the masala dosa – it’s thin, crispy and perfect!  

Saravanaa Bhavan

This is probably the most well-known and high-value South Indian joint in the South Bay. And I like that it’s cheap. It’s an inexpensive, bustling, authentic South Indian eatery.  Come for the experience. Note for vegans: most South Indian food is vegan by default and non-vegan dishes will be highlighted for their use of butter/ghee/yogurt/etc. [...]

Great Vegi Land

Great Vegi Land is a Buddhist vegetarian (vegan, actually) restaurant. Cash only – so be sure to have bills with you. Good food and lots to eat for vegans in Sunnyvale, CA.

Merit Vegetarian

I love this place!  They have so many tasty dishes. The fresh spring rolls are the best that I have had.  The papaya salad is to die for!

Hobbee’s – Sunnyvale

The Hobbee’s menu is super vegan-friendly and they have lots of locations throughout the Bay area. The Sunnyvale location is conveniently located right off 101 at S. Mathilda. For breakfast, they have a tofu scramble, fresh fruit and vegan quesadilla options. They also have vegan-friendly pasta, sandwich and salad options for lunch and dinner. Hobbee’s [...]