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vegan friendly restaurants in San Carlos

Cowabunga Creamery

This ice creamery offers two vegan flavors made by Maggie Mudd. I had vanilla and the cherry chocolate chip. They were both excellent and not terribly expensive (I think a junior cup with a scoop of each was $2.50 or so). Given that there aren’t many other places in the South Bay to get Maggie [...]

Zest Bakery

A gluten-free bakery with vegan options in San Carlos? Awesome. Zest is a cute place to get a dessert.  The vegan gluten-free brownies ($2.50) here are super yummy: moist, rich, cocoa-y and just delectable. I could eat five of them at once!  

Red Hot Chili Pepper

Red Hot Chili Pepper has tons of vegan dishes…. but a couple do contain egg, so make sure to ask just to be safe. The service was friendly and attentive. Kudos to that.  The ambiance here is great: it’s spacious, upscale and they play lounge music. The bar looks nice and this would be a great [...]


I really like Serendipity—for one thing, it’s a high-class chocolate shop with numerous vegan options, and it’s in the suburbs, no less! It helps to cement San Carlos’s status, in my opinion, as the best suburb other than Palo Alto in the Bay Area, especially for food (eat that, Burlingame!) Actually, given what Serendipity offers, [...]