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vegan friendly restaurants in Berlin

La Mano Verde

La Mano Verde vegan restaurant in Berlin, Germany is great choice for elegant vegan dining!  It’s cozy and chic. Excellent food.

Lucky Leek

The Lucky Leek is a 100% vegan restaurant located in Berlin. It’s a great place to meet up with friends and has a fabulous Sunday brunch!

Cafe Vux

Accessible by the U-7 line in Berlin, Cafe Vux is well known for its super yummy vegan desserts!  This 100% vegan restaurant in Berlin includes specialties such as Seitanwurst with Smoky Habanero-Mango Sauce. They use only soy and rice milk for their specialty drinks, and they make their own homemade lavender syrup.  The Vegan Society of [...]


Traditional German cuisine and haute cuisine. 100% vegan. There is an extensive breakfast menu with classics like the country breakfast. A daily changing lunch menu which is also optionally be selected as a reasonably priced menu with appetizer and dessert. An extensive selection of cakes at coffee time, and many more after 18:00 (6 o’clock PM), a hearty dinner menu with a vegan roll (vegan beef) with red cabbage and potatoes, fried potatoes with cordon bleu, chocolate mousse.