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Beanfield’s Vegan Chips Made from Rice and Beans!

    Whoa – the next generation chip is here! Beanfield’s chips are made from non-GMO rice and beans… plus some spices… that’s it! These super yummy vegan chips come in a bunch of flavors including Ranch and Nacho Cheese. They’re packed with protein (5g per serving) and fiber (6g per serving)… but most importantly, [...]

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Cashew Milk Ice Cream from So Delicious!

  Summer is here! I’m thrilled about all the delicious vegan ice cream from So Delicious Dairy Free!  Get ready to taste incomparable yum: So Delicious Dairy Free has launched 5 flavors of completely vegan cashew nut milk ice cream. All I can say is WOW. I had a few friends over for a sampling [...]

Easy Vegan Food Changes

  Happy New Year!!!  It’s 2015 and I believe this will be the year of the vegan :) As I walk through the grocery store aisles, I see vegan cheese puffs and cookies and all kinds of delights!  I can make lattes with frothy creamers and create a compassionate, cholesterol-free chicken salad. This is truly [...]

Travel to Antarctica, the White Continent!

By Rebecca Gilbert Join me in a vegan adventure to Antarctica!  What images spring to mind when you hear the majestic word “Antarctica,” the rarely visited White Continent?  Ancient? Awe-inspiring? Avalanches?  All of these words inspired me to visit this pristine and exotic land.  (And yes, I was lucky enough to experience a thundering, rumbling, [...]

Paris Vegan Day Celebration Has Begun!

  Paris Vegan Day weekend has begun!  The “City of Light” kicked off Paris Vegan Day with a pre-party and the French premiere of the film Vegucated.  There were vegan treats and bubbly for all courtesy of Deborah Pivain and the team from the Gentle Gourmet Cafe. Check out the spread on the Eiffel Tower [...]

Paris Vegan Day!

Paris Vegan Day is happening on October 12, 2013! Paris Vegan Day is the brainchild of Deborah Brown Pivain, owner of the 100% vegan restaurant in Paris, the Gentle Gourmet Cafe.   Deborah is an early vegan pioneer who has been a part of the vegan scene in Paris for decades.  Her vision is to bring [...]

Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter is Vegan!

  Vegan product review for Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter:      Can you believe that all of this chocolate-hazelnutty goodness is vegan???! I happened to meet Justin from Justin’s Nut Butters at the DC airport when we were both flying to Pittsburgh.  (Justin is one of the nicest guys in the world!   Watch our [...]

La vie végétalienne à Los Angeles

  Fabien partage ses conseils sur la vie végétalienne à Los Angeles! For our French-speaking friends, Fabien shares his tips about vegan life in LA!  

Turistas Veganos: Consejo para Explorar La Vida Vegana en LA

  Jordi Quesada comparte sus consejos de cosas a hacer y sitios dónde ir a comer para los turistas veganos que quieren explorar la vida vegana en Los Angeles! For our  Spanish-speaking friends around the world who would like to visit LA, Jordi Quesada shares his advice about things to do and places to eat [...]

Meet Ethan Brown, the Founder of Beyond Meat!

Looking back through the interviews I’ve done, I thought about the early days back in 2013 when I got to meet Ethan Brown, the founder of Beyond Meat!   During my trip to LA, I was lucky enough to catch up with Ethan Brown, the Founder and CEO of Beyond Meat.  I asked Ethan to [...]

Video: Meet Deborah Pivain, Founder of Paris Vegan Day and the Gentle Gourmet Cafe!

  Meet Deborah Pivain, a vegan pioneer in Paris, France. Deborah started the Gentle Gourmet Cafe and Paris Vegan Day!  Come celebrate in Paris on October 12, 2013!   See more Yummy Plants videos on the Yummy Plants YouTube channel.  

Vegan Hot Fudge (Coop’s Microcreamery) Review

The hand made vegan hot fudge sauce by Coop’s Microcreamery is a treat beyond my wildest dreams! When I saw it in the jar, I thought it might be tasty. I had absolutely no idea this dark chocolate, rich and creamy fudge sauce would be Ah-ma-zing. And it’s made without any dairy, corn-syrup, or gluten.

Simple Pleasures…

Summer is a time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life… to slow down, to savor the sweetness of a cherry, the zing of fresh mint on my tongue. Yum! What a joy it can be to eat fresh and simple foods. It is these simple pleasures that make it so easy for me to follow a vegan diet!

Accidentally Vegan: Organic Samosa Triangles by the Fillo Factory!

This week’s Accidentally Vegan feature is Samosas from The Fillo Factory! The “buttery” flavor, the flaky pastry crust, and the spicy organic veggies… mmmmm…. I’m in heaven just thinking about them! They look delicious (and fancy), but they are a snap to prepare. Although it will look like you worked all afternoon with a rolling pin, you really just need to bake them in the oven and serve. Smile.

Accidentally Vegan: Glazed Cashews with Pomegranate and Vanilla from Starbucks!

This week’s Accidentally Vegan feature is… Glazed Cashews with Pomegranate and Vanilla from Starbucks! I really enjoy a soy latte here and there, and I always appreciate having something yummy to snack on while I’m taking my coffee break. I found these glazed cashews with pomegranate and vanilla that happen to be 100% vegan! The pomegranate is sweet and chewy, the cashews are crunchy, and they have just a hint of vanilla. YUM!

Accidentally Vegan: Spicy Black Bean Organic Brown Rice Chips from Lundberg Family Farms!

This week’s Accidentally Vegan product is Spicy Black Bean chips and Cracked Black Pepper organic brown rice chips from Lundberg Family Farms! These organic, gluten-free, vegan snacks have plenty of zing… your guacamole will never be the same again!

Accidentally Vegan: Einkorn Crispy Cocoa Cookies by Jovial!

Have you ever heard of an ancient grain called einkorn? It’s a type of wheat that was first cultivated over 12,000 years ago! This week’s Accidentally Vegan feature is super yummy Chocolate Einkorn Cookies from Jovial!

Accidentally Vegan: Chocolate Coated Matzo by Yehuda Matzos!

This week’s Accidentally Vegan product is… Chocolate Coated Matzo by Yehudah Matzos! For all of our friends who are still celebrating Passover til the 14th, we wanted to give a shout-out for chocolate covered matzo. It’s light, crunchy, and it’s covered in CHOCOLATE. Need we say more?

Divvies Chocolate Chip Cookies Review

Do you have friends or family members who have serious food allergies to egg, dairy, or tree nuts? These vegan chocolate chip cookies are produced in a dedicated peanut-free, tree nut-free, milk-free and dairy-free facility, and they are fabulously yummy!

Accidentally Vegan: Peanut Buddy Chewy Granola Bars by Nature’s Path!

This week’s Accidentally Vegan feature is… Peanut Buddy Chewy Granola Bars by Nature’s Path! Say hello to peanut buttery deliciousness without any honey or dairy… yum!