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Make Your Own “Sun-dried” Tomatoes & Bring a Piece of <br /> Summer into the Fall

With tomatoes in abundance at the farmers’ markets, it’s the perfect time to make your own sun-dried tomatoes! It’s easy to do in your oven or food dehydrator, and you’ll have a bit of summer’s sweetness to take into the Fall. Yellow sungolds are the sweetest, purple cherry tomatoes add a depth of color, and standard cherry tomatoes have the tang and acidity with which you’re likely the most familiar. You can also use standard full-size tomatoes as well to make “tomato chips!”

Redefining Raw: Meet Brad Gruno, Founder of Brad’s Raw Foods

During our experiment with a raw plant-based diet, we fell in love with the super yummy AND crunchy treats from Brad’s Raw Foods. We are excited to bring you the amazing story behind founder Brad Gruno’s journey into raw and his passion for bringing healthy snacks to America. Thank you Brad, we LOVE your chips!

Exploring a Raw Vegan Diet… and Discovering Some Yummy Raw Treats!

I decided to try a raw food challenge: 1 day of raw food each week for 12 weeks. Why raw? People have reported that they lost weight and had more energy on a raw food diet… so I thought that sounded good to me! And it’s true – I do feel fabulous on my raw food days. Do you want to learn strategies to include more raw foods in your diet? Read on!