So Delicious Dairy Free Low Sugar Vegan Ice Cream


I’ve been vegan, eating fresh fruits and veggies for so many years now that my taste buds have actually changed.  Fruits taste super sweet and I just can’t eat heavily sugared foods anymore.  But some things never change, and during the blazing days of summer, I still crave delicious non-dairy ice creams to help cool me down.  I’ve been searching for a vegan ice cream that’s delicious and not too sweet…

Look what I found in the vegan ice cream section: No Sugar Added pints and chocolate fudge treats from So Delicious Dairy Free!


So Delicious Dairy Free no sugar added vegan ice cream


YES, these “no sugar added” fudge bars taste as good as they look!


Why I love these low sugar vegan ice creams:

  • Rich, creamy and perfectly sweet (not too sweet!)
  • 5 awesome flavors: chocolate, mint chip, toasted almond chip, vanilla bean, butter pecan
  • Naturally sweetened with monk fruit, so there’s less than 1g of sugar per serving
  • Organic coconuts and certified non-GMO ingredients

Doesn’t this look soooooo delicious??!

I’m so grateful to So Delicious Dairy Free for making my journey on a vegan diet SO Delicious!


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