Love Street Living Foods Raw Chocolate Superfudge Bar Review


I have wanted to feature this raw vegan chocolate bar on the Yummy Plants site for months now.  But I usually eat it before I can photograph it!  This time, I decided I needed to show restraint and at least take 30 seconds to photograph this chocolate yummy before devouring it… after you’ve tasted this superfudge delight, you will understand the willpower issues involved…

If you haven’t yet been introduced to Pittsburgh’s own Love Street Living Foods, this is a name worth remembering.  They make absolutely delicious raw vegan chocolate bars and sauces.  And I mean seriously super yummy.  I could eat these super fudge bars every day!  (Actually, they do only have 162 calories… so maybe I could!)  They’re dense and rich, and the serving size is perfect to satisfy my most intense chocolate cravings.

For sure, I love the taste of this raw vegan chocolate.  And another aspect I really admire about Love Street Living Foods is that  all of their offerings are organic, 100% vegan, gluten-free, unprocessed, fair-trade and have absolutely NO GMOs.  The company also commits to avoid refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, soy, additives, preservatives, and artificial flavors.  The chocolates are handmade and labeled using 100% recycled paper, inks, and biodegradable packaging.

Even though these super yummy bars are made right here in Pittsburgh, I actually discovered them in San Francisco, CA at the Rainbow Grocery Co-op!   Love Street Living Foods is currently distributing their raw vegan chocolate bars in a handful of states.  Check this store locator list to find a store near you.

You can also purchase Love Street Living Foods’ products online through their website or online through Amazon.

Note: I tend to keep these raw vegan chocolate bars in my refrigerator during the summer time.  Otherwise, they melt.


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