Nibblers NYC

What do you get when you combine a vegan truffle with a vegan cupcake?  A Nibbler! Nibblers NYC has created these sweet little vegan treats using natural and sustainable ingredients as an alternative to traditional desserts.  


According the Nibblers website, “Nibblers are delicately decadent treats designed to delight your taste buds and nourish your body.” They come in three flavors, all of which feature 88% cacao dark chocolate infused with organic herbs and spices.   We were glad to learn that Nibblers are using Endangered Species dark chocolate, which donates 10 percent of its profits to support conservation efforts worldwide!

All Nibblers are wheat-free and vegan, have no refined sugars, and they are sourced whenever possible from organic farmer-owned farms!

Flavors include:

  • The Clinton Street Classic (original flavor) features a touch of sage and sea salt
  • The Nolita blends toasted coconut, alderwood-smoked sea salt and lavender
  • The Loisaida adds spice with a mix of cinnamon and chilis.


Nibblers NYC was created by yoga teachers Carrie Firestone and Rachael Grace, who said, “It is our goal to provide the best, most wholesome vegan treats in flavors inspired by the diversity and energy of the city and the bounty of the earth.”

They are located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, where they create all the Nibblers. You can order your own Nibblers online through their website (NYC delivery only for now), or purchase through local retailers.  We can’t wait until they start shipping to Pittsburgh.  NYC residents, enjoy!


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