Kitchen Divided by Ellen Jaffe Jones



Kitchen Divided is a must-have cookbook for plant-based people living with family members/ roommates who may not be vegan. With super yummy recipes like “Quiche Your Troubles Good-Bye,” “Mushrooms and Lentils in Phyllo,” and “Quinoa Paella,”  Ellen Jaffe Jones creates delicious meal ideas that work for any occasion.  Aside from the regular breakfast, lunch and dinner categories, I love that Kitchen Divided also suggests specific recipes that contain faux meat and dairy, hearty recipes that omnivores already expect to be meatless, and recipes for flex dishes.  Thumbs up for this cookbook!  It’s a great follow up to Ellen’s first cookbook: Eat Vegan on $4 a Day.



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  1. ree1 says:

    Looking forward to Ellen Jaffe Jones’ presentation at this year’s VeganMania in Chicago.
    Scheduled at 3pm at The Presentation Stage. Come show your support on Sept 21, 2013.

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