Healthy Eating, Healthy World: A Must Read!


What a read!  Healthy Eating, Healthy World by J. Morris Hicks makes the case for a startling revelation:  by sustaining ourselves on a plant-based diet we are also sustaining the Earth.


“To feed a person the typical Western diet (heavy with animal products) for a year requires 3.25 acres of arable land.  To feed one vegan requires about one-sixth of an acre.  Thus, with a vegan diet, you can feed about twenty people with the same amount of land that is required to feed one person with the typical Western diet.”

According to Mr. Hicks’s calculations based on 2010 U.S. census and FAO (United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization) reports, there are only about 1.15 acres of arable land to grow food for each person on Earth.  Do the math.  Even today, there is not enough land to sustain a Western diet for the world’s population but there is enough land to sustain life and good health if we choose plant-based nutrition.

Mr. Hicks emphasizes the health benefits of a vegan diet.  Relying on the work of noted researchers and physicians, including Dr. Neal Bernard, T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., Dr. Caldwell Esselystyn, Jr., Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Dean Ornish, and many others, Mr. Hicks explains how a vegan diet promotes health and wellness.  It can reverse the damage from illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.  “Our extended health-care system continues to talk about managing diseases like diabetes but fails to acknowledge [that] …the vast majority of all of our healthcare issues are food-driven.”

The final pages of the book suggest a simple plan by which we can all become change agents for the health-affirming vegan diet. This year, teach just three people (your family, your friends) about the value of plant-based nutrition and you can make a positive change for them, for all mankind, for the myriad creatures that live and breathe on this planet, and for the future of the planet itself.


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