Extraordinary Vegan by Alan Roettinger



Reviewed by Shandel Gilbert

Whether you want a little spicy tidbit to go with your eggnog now or some delightful, creative (and often exotic) recipes for later, Chef Alan Roettinger’s Extraordinary Vegan Cookbook offers a cornucopia of delights. The gluten-free cookbook offers tips on stocking an extraordinary pantry and fridge. The recipes are nutritious, made with whole foods.

Alan grew up in Mexico and he shares with us the tongue-tickling pepper-power of Mexican cooking along with a slew of recipes from around the world. Although some of the ingredients are unusual (like Jerusalem artichokes and persimmons), Alan’s directions are clear and straightforward. I tried Cream of Quinoa – a tasty breakfast treat made with quinoa, coconut milk, cardamom, and banana – and a deliciously filling Artichoke and Lentil Salad. My next Extraordinary Vegan treat is going to be a Chocolate-Banana- Mint Smoothie.

If you’d like to add some glamour to your home cooking repertoire, Extraordinary Vegan is the cookbook for you.

Learn more about this Extraordinary Vegan: Read the Yummy Plants interview with Chef Alan Roettinger.


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