Divvies Brownie Cookie Sandwich with Vanilla Cream


I recently discovered the Divvies Brownie Cookie Sandwich with Vanilla Cream.



Since I had tasted (and really enjoyed!) the vegan chocolate chip cookies by Divvies, I decided to try this vegan twist on cream filled chocolate brownies.  I’m so glad that I stumbled upon this vegan treat in the check-out line.  It was delicious!

After the first “O-M-G this is amazing!” bite, I gobbled up this decadent cream-filled cookie.  It was the perfect size.

Yum factors:

  • Soft, rich, dark chocolate brownie cookies
  • Super creamy vanilla icing that’s perfectly sweet (not too sweet)

If you’re looking for this sweet treat near you, Divvies cookies are widely distributed at airports and many retail stores.



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  1. Divvies says:

    Thank you for this wonderful review of Divvies Cookie Sandwiches. So happy you loved every bite! xo Lori Sandler, Founder, Divvies

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