The Inspired Cookie: How to Change the World… One Yummy Treat at a Time

 The Inspired Cookie is a baked goods company founded three years ago by Sarah Gill in San Francisco, CA.  Sarah inspired us at Yummy Plants with her cookies, her brownies, and her story.

Bite into a brownie from The Inspired Cookie and taste perfection.  Sarah Gill has created an amazing array of delicious vegan, gluten-free treats that can be found in Whole Foods Markets around Northern California and Nevada, Nordstrom Cafes from Alaska to Massachusetts, and in over 200 corporate campuses, cafes, and specialty markets in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Sarah’s journey from gluten-intolerant teen to outstanding vegan, gluten-free chef is an inspiring story of vision, creativity, and success.

When Sarah was thirteen, she discovered that she was allergic to gluten, dairy, and eggs.  At the time, there were few commercially available gluten-free foods.  So what did Sarah do about her problem?  She solved it by creating her own gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free recipes in her kitchen.  Remembering those days, Sarah said, “That kitchen was my ‘happy place.’” Sarah experimented and found that she could substitute rice flour, potato starch, and tapioca for wheat-based products.  Sweet treats and delicious breads tickled her taste buds again.

As she grew into a young woman, Sarah continued to be passionate about following a vegan, gluten-free lifestyle.  About ten years ago, she discovered that what she knew about diet and foods could be useful to others.  An ailing child in Sarah’s neighborhood, who was gluten intolerant, did not know what to eat and was losing weight rapidly.  When the child’s worried mother turned to Sarah for help, Sarah created recipes for the little girl and literally taught her how to eat and enjoy the experience again.  Sarah recalled, “Seeing her gain weight and become healthy was one of the happiest moments for me.”

Encouraged by her neighbor’s successful adaptation to a gluten-free diet, Sarah realized the importance of sharing her knowledge about vegan, gluten-free cooking with others.  So she wrote a cookbook and information guide:  Beginners’ Vegan Guide: Restaurants, Recipes & Resources available through The Inspired Cookie website or on Amazon.  Sarah interviewed chefs in MD, NY, VA, and PA to collect delicious, easy recipes.

Several years later, Sarah enrolled in the Colorado Natural School of Cookery in Boulder.  There she learned about the energetics of food (which we hope she will share with the Yummy Plants community) and how to prepare delicious, healthful food using natural ingredients.

Sarah’s father was a huge influence in her life.  His favorite saying has been her guide:  “Help ever.  Harm never.”  He encouraged her to follow her passion and enroll in cooking school.  Later, the two of them created a business plan to bring Sarah’s vegan, gluten-free treats to the world.  Sadly, Sarah’s father passed before The Inspired Cookie actually launched, but the entire mission carries on as a legacy to the vision they shared.

When Sarah was asked what was next, she said, “The Inspired Cookie is such a dream come true.  I don’t know what is next, but I am grateful to be finding a way to help in the world.”

The Inspired Cookie has come a long way over the last few years: from baking and packaging the cookies by hand to working with a factory; from one coffee shop at a time to one corporate campus at a time; from cookies to brownies and a shelf-stable, bake-at-home brownie mix.  And they still have so much more in motion.

Those of us at Yummy Plants wish Sarah continued success.  Her knowledge and vision have made our world a better place.  Thanks for all you’ve done, Sarah, and keep those brownies baking!

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