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Veggie Message Socks: Explore a Plant-Based Life!

  Looking for holiday gifts? These limited edition Yummy Plants veggie socks are available online through the end of October! Explore a Plant-Based Life vegan message socks :)                

Best Vegan Mashed Potatoes for a Vegan Thanksgiving!

Within the Yummy Plants community, we’re really excited about ThanksLIVING, a cruelty-free holiday that focuses on gratitude and honors all living beings. And of all the delicious dishes that await my dinner table, I’m really excited about the mashed potatoes!!! So I asked my friend Brian Patton, aka The Sexy Vegan, to share which potatoes [...]

Vegan Valentine’s Day!

Get ready for a Vegan Valentine’s Day! Whether this is your first year celebrating the holiday of love with a vegan or you’ve been vegan for years, I have a few tempting treats to make you swoon :) I shared my favorite vegan Valentine’s Day treats on Pittsburgh Today Live!   1. Endorfin Foods‘ Passion Bar [...]

US Veg Week April 20 – 26: Take the Pledge

    Are you ready to make some positive changes for your life, for the planet and for the animals??? This is your week to start! Compassion Over Killing just launched their US Veg Week campaign with special coupons and recipes to help you get started. Are you ready to change your world and the [...]

11 Great Vegan Valentine’s Day Gifts

Love is in the air. While Valentine’s Day is traditionally known as the time of year when couples swoon over each other, it’s really just a holiday about love. You don’t have to be in a couple to enjoy this holiday (really). Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate your love for your friends, [...]

Easy Vegan Food Changes

  Happy New Year!!!  It’s 2015 and I believe this will be the year of the vegan :) As I walk through the grocery store aisles, I see vegan cheese puffs and cookies and all kinds of delights!  I can make lattes with frothy creamers and create a compassionate, cholesterol-free chicken salad. This is truly [...]

A Vegan Guide to Halloween

Halloween is a fun time of haunted houses, pumpkin treats, and scary movies. For vegans, handing out candy during trick-or-treating can be tricky—how do you know which candies are vegan or even accidentally vegan? Here’s a helpful guide to accidentally vegan candies that you can find in any grocery store. Plus, if you want to [...]

Vegan Sammich Throwdown in Berkeley, CA

  by Heather Schall-Lucas Get your taste buds ready because you get to help decide who makes the best vegan sammich in the San Francisco Bay Area! Do not miss the Vegan Sammich Throwdown in Berkeley on Sunday, September 28th. Attendees will be taste-testing the vegan sandwich creations of professional and home chefs from 2pm to [...]

Karine Brighten’s San Francisco Health and Fitness Retreat

  by Heather Schall-Lucas Are you looking for something fun to do in San Francisco? Grab your sneakers and check out Karine Brighten’s 1-day health and fitness retreat on Saturday, September 20! Enjoy gorgeous scenery in the Lands End picnic area while health and fitness professionals show you how to easily transition to a plant-based [...]

Seasonal Eating

  by Aurelia d’Andrea There are so many things to love about summertime, beginning with the colorful bounty of fresh, sun-ripened fruits and vegetables available at our local produce markets. There’s nothing quite like fresh corn-on-the-cob and juicy, just-picked peaches to remind us just how tasty summer can be.  If you’re not already buying in-season [...]

Vegetarian Summerfest, July 2 – 6 2014

  By Aurelia d’Andrea Every summer for the last 40 years, people of all dietary persuasions have flocked to the tiny metropolis of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, for one very special reason:  Vegetarian Summerfest. This five-day food-and-fun extravaganza hosted by the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS), is North America’s longest running vegetarian festival, and arguably one of [...]

5 Great Vegan Gifts for Father’s Day

Vegan dads out there, let’s give you a round of applause for being extraordinary caregivers. You deserve all the wonderful things that life has to offer, including these special treats that every father can enjoy. No need to go bonkers searching for the perfect gift for pop this year! Here’s some fun ideas to say [...]

6 Tips for a Delicious Vegan Memorial Day

Get ready for an amazing Memorial Day barbecue by learning how to go beyond the typical veggie burger with some help from Brian Patton, author of The Sexy Vegan Cookbook and Happy Hour at Home. Brian, aka The Sexy Vegan, is an expert at turning your farmer’s market into an instant feast. He shares a [...]

Palm Oil: 5 Easy Steps for Compassionate Consumers

   By Aurelia d’Andrea Many of us are on a constant quest to become better consumers. We buy organic plant-based foods, choose natural products that are cruelty-free, and opt for fair-trade whenever we can. But what if our favorite vegan, cruelty-free, fair-trade product is made with palm oil—the production of which destroys the tropical habitats [...]

5 Tips for a Fun Vegan Easter Celebration

If you think that vegans have to skip out on the Easter festivities because the holiday is centered on eggs, there are tons of great plant-based options for your celebration. From putting together the perfect Easter basket to delicious recipes for a proper feast, here are several ideas to enjoy Easter vegan-style. 1. Order a [...]

Chipotle Expands Vegan Sofritas Option

When I drove my mom from San Francisco to Los Angeles, we made a pit stop off the 5 freeway around 6pm. I was nervous that the only thing I could eat as a vegan was a Clif bar at the nearest gas station until I spotted a Chipotle, which was like seeing a glass [...]

7 Great Vegan Game Day Snacks

  With the frenzy of March Madness college basketball coming up, there’s always a need for savory snacks before the first tip off. If you think that vegan snacks are only hummus and crudités, think again. These plant-based versions of hearty appetizers are simple to make and even easier to eat. Whoever you’re rooting for [...]

12 Tips for an Amazing Vegan Valentine’s Day

If you haven’t figured out what to get your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day, have no fear. Here are 12 great suggestions for the herbivore in your life. If you’re single, think about gifting your best friend some sweets or a make them a fancy dinner with the featured recipes. Valentine’s Day is all about love, [...]

Original Cheerios Now Non-GMO!

  We’re seeing big changes in the world being led with one small O.  General Mills announced that it would source original flavor Cheerios exclusively with non-GMO ingredients. The company stated that the oats were never GMO, but other ingredients such as the beet sugar, may have been.  As part of the reformulation, General Mills [...]

New Year, New You: The Vegan Edition

By Aurelia d’Andrea   January 1 holds the promise of fresh starts and bright beginnings, which often manifest in that beloved annual tradition, the New Year’s resolution. If 2014 is the year you’ve pledged to lose weight, usher in healthier eating habits, and increase your energy levels, there’s good news: Going vegan can help turn [...]