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Cookin’ Up a Storm with Laura Dakin from Sea Shepherd

I took some time out with Laura Dakin, animal activist fighting to save whales in the Southern Ocean! Laura is the Chief Chef on the Steve Irwin of the Sea Shepherd fleet and wrote her first cookbook: Cookin’ Up a Storm: Sea Stories and Vegan Recipes from Sea Shepherd’s Anti-Whaling Campaigns.   Q: What inspired you to [...]

Meet Ben Aron, Inventor of the EZ Tofu Press!

  We’ve all been there: we drain a package of tofu, think all the water is gone, and then suddenly another gush of water goes into our recipe. Ben Aron, founder of EZ Tofu Press, solves this problem and makes our lives easier! Ben tells us why he is committed to a meat-free world and how he [...]

Kristin Lajeunesse Shares her Adventures with Will Travel For Vegan Food!

  By Aurelia d’Andrea   Kristin Lajeunesse isn’t a household name yet, but that’s about to change. Besides riding the fast track to entrepreneurial superstardom with her online business-and-marketing school, this 31-year-old vegan recently landed a book deal to share the story of her amazing road trip to every vegan restaurant in the United States. [...]

Meet Christina Pirello, the Raw, Vegan, Macrobiotic Chef from the Christina Cooks PBS TV Show!

  Based in Philadelphia PA, Christina Pirello shares her humor and her knowledge to help us learn how to cook! Christina has written many cookbooks including I’m Mad as Hell, and I’m Not Going to Eat it Anymore and Cooking the Whole Foods Way. I caught up with Christina on the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise and asked her [...]

Meet Vegan Chef Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian!

Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian, always hits the right note.  Award-winning singer-songwriter, actress, and popular  P.B.S. T.V. vegan chef, Laura has whipped together a life spiced with talent and creativity, a life sustained by plant-based nutrition.  She’s also just launched a new cookbook: Jazzy Vegetarian Classics: Vegan Twists on American Family Favorites. About twenty years [...]

Meet Ethan Brown, the Founder of Beyond Meat!

Looking back through the interviews I’ve done, I thought about the early days back in 2013 when I got to meet Ethan Brown, the founder of Beyond Meat!   During my trip to LA, I was lucky enough to catch up with Ethan Brown, the Founder and CEO of Beyond Meat.  I asked Ethan to [...]

Meet Ayinde Howell: Hot Vegan Chef, Cool Dude

  Talented Ayinde Howell has become a transformational vegan chef from coast to coast.  A former vegan restaurant owner – at age 20!!! – and executive chef in New York, Ayinde is now a private chef in Los Angeles and the blogger/owner of ieatgrass.com.  He envisions vegan cooking as a cuisine in its own right [...]

Meet Chef Babette from Stuff I Eat!

Meet Chef Babette, vegan Chef and owner of the Stuff I Eat restaurant in Inglewood, CA! Learn about her vegan journey, tips to get started and how she keeps her vibrant positive outlook on life. YP: What inspired you to go vegan? CB: In 1990 I met my current husband, and he prepared the most [...]

Video: Meet Deborah Pivain, Founder of Paris Vegan Day and the Gentle Gourmet Cafe!

  Meet Deborah Pivain, a vegan pioneer in Paris, France. Deborah started the Gentle Gourmet Cafe and Paris Vegan Day!  Come celebrate in Paris on October 12, 2013!   See more Yummy Plants videos on the Yummy Plants YouTube channel.  

Video: Learn about the Vegan Scene in Melbourne, Australia!

  Learn about the vegan scene in Melbourne, Australia.  Rebecca interviews Monica Kervin, a vegan from Melbourne, Australia.  Bonus: a gentoo penguin from Antarctica visits us at the end!   See more Yummy Plants videos on the Yummy Plants YouTube channel.    

Dr. Fuhrman’s Tips for Healthy Eating with a Nutritarian Plant-Based Diet

The new year has just begun and we asked Dr. Joel Fuhrman, our favorite nutritarian,  to help us get started with healthy plant-based eating habits to set the tone for the new year. Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a best-selling author, nutritional researcher and board certified family physician specializing in nutritional medicine.  Learn more by visiting [...]

Julia Erickson Sets the Barre High for Vegan Energy Bars

Ballet dancer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur… Julia Erickson created Barre vegan energy bars to achieve the perfect balance of fast and slow-burning carbohydrates, plant-based protein, fiber, and natural electrolyte replacement. Her original goal was to meet her demanding dancer needs; now she and dancer husband, Aaron Ingley, share these super yummy “trade secrets” with the world!

The Eco-Vegan Gal Mission: Motivate, Support, and Inspire

The Eco-Vegan Gal website is more than just a helpful resource for newbie vegans; it’s also smart, upbeat, and easy on the eyes. Tuning into Eco-Vegan Gal (www.ecovegangal.com) is a lot like hanging out with your best friend: Comfortable, fun, and encouraging. Read on to learn more about Whitney Lauritsen and the reasons she started ecovegangal.com!

Chloe Coscarelli: Champion of the Cupcake Wars

When Chef Chloe Coscarelli won the Cupcake Wars on the Food Network in 2010 with an array of gorgeous and delectable vegan cupcakes, she not only launched her own career, she also helped to bring vegan baking into the mainstream. This graduate of Berkeley (University of California) and the Natural Gourmet Institute wowed the judges and introduced a global audience to the delights of vegan baking.

Dr. Greger’s Tell-All About Good Foods: Nutrition in a Nutshell

Michael Greger, M.D., noted nutritionist, author, public speaker, and director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture of the Humane Society of the United States, learned about the healing power of food as a child. This discovery would later propel him into a medical career focused on the relationship between nutrition and health. His passion for nutrition inspired him to found the information portal NutritionFacts.org, a virtual encyclopedia of nutrition information and current research data with a new video daily!

The Sexy Vegan Makes Cooking Hot

A clever and very funny man, Chef Brian Patton – AKA The Sexy Vegan – has become a YouTube sensation with his webisode cooking videos full of sassy talk and tasty food. His videos have wide appeal, charming vegans and non-vegans alike. Cooking with Brian is fast, fun… and funny!

Compassion Couture: Vegan Sisters with a Passion for Fashion

Are you looking for high-quality, fashionable, sustainable, non-leather accessories? Try Compassion Couture! The online site – created by sisters Jill and Tracey – showcases vegan shoes, handbags, and accessories.

A Cut Above:  Enterprising Vegans, Jill and John

Adventurous entrepreneurs Jill and John have found their niche: developing businesses to serve the growing vegan market and support other vegan enterprises. Learn more about their latest venture: Vegan Cuts, which features weekly online deals for vegan products!

Meagan Duhamel:   A Vegan Skates to Conquer the World (Championships)!

Powerful, graceful – and vegan! Those three words describe Megan Duhamel, who with her partner Eric Radford, recently became the 2013 Canadian National Pairs Champions. Meagan is one of the best women jumpers in the history of pairs figure skating, and she credits her vegan diet!

Think Differently:  The Transformation of Robert Cheeke from Farm Boy to Bodybuilder

Bodybuilder, motivational speaker, and author, natural bodybuilding champion Robert Cheeke pushes himself to exceed expectations, to excel in all he does. At 15, he was a self-described “skinny farm boy” from Corvallis, OR. Today, through his hard work and determination, Robert has become a role model for all of us, bodybuilder and non-bodybuilder alike. Robert Cheeke’s achievements and his site have been featured in numerous publications including the Montreal Gazette and the New York Times.