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Genetic Roulette

Start Date:   2012-10-19
End Date:     2012-11-06
Start Time:   08:00 am
End Time:     09:00 pm
Venue:    All Cities, United States,

Kale University is dedicated to helping educate people about GMOs, Organics and getting out to vote Yes on Prop. 37. The Movie Genetic Roulette is a great way to educate and inform those around us about the dangers of GMOs and how we as a community can end this unauthorized experimentation. From now until election day we will speak out and share the information.

Join us in what could be one of the largest health movements  at the most critical time in our history. We can not allow the FDA and Corporate Heads to  keep us in the dark about GMOs any longer.


The film is now being shown for free on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnlTYFKBg18

Host a showing of the film Genetic Roulette in your home or share the link with your friends, family and neighbors. Our health depends on it.

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