Accidentally Vegan: Peanut Buddy Chewy Granola Bars by Nature’s Path!

This week’s Accidentally Vegan feature is… Peanut Buddy Chewy Granola Bars by Nature’s Path!

Shared by Rebecca Gilbert



Have you ever noticed that many granola bars contain honey?  I just found a super yummy one that doesn’t!  The Peanut Buddy Chewy Granola Bars from Nature’s Path are made without honey, dairy, or any animal products, and they are soooo yummy!   In addition being swept away by the rich, peanut buttery deliciousness, I also loved that Nature’s Path is a company that is focused on reducing its  environmental impact.  They have reduced their packaging sizes by 36% and are still offering the same volume of product.  Go Nature’s path!

This product isn’t labeled as vegan, but we couldn’t find any listing of egg, dairy, or honey on the box or on the Nature’s Path website.  These vegan granola bars are truly one of our “Accidentally Vegan” finds!

I found the Nature’s Path granola bars at the Whole Foods Pittsburgh Market.  And you can also buy Nature’s Path Peanut Buddy Chewy Granola Bars online in multi-packs through Amazon (with free Super saver shipping!) .

Kudos to Nature’s Path for your commitment to the environment and for making such yummy vegan foods!

Products featured on Accidentally Vegan meet these criteria:

1) They’re not packaged as a vegan product, but they meet vegan standards 


2) They’re labeled as vegan and taste so amazing that we want to make sure you know about them!

Did you find a great Accidentally Vegan product?  Send us a note to share your discovery and you could be featured on a future edition of  Yummy Plants Accidentally Vegan!   

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