Accidentally Vegan: Wolfgang Dark Chocolate Dipped Cranberries!

This week’s Accidentally Vegan feature is….  Wolfgang Dark Chocolate Dipped Cranberries!!

Shared by Rebecca Gilbert



YES, I did find chocolate cordial candies that are vegan!  A company named Wolfgang manufactures these super yummy vegan cordials.  From their website it  looks like they make cordial cranberries, raspberries and blueberries. YUM!

Their website has a lot of great information about this family company.  In addition, it appears that you can use their candies as  part of a fundraising plan for your organization.  That’s really neat!

I found these vegan chocolate cranberry cordials in the candy bar aisle at Whole Foods (bottom shelf).  It looks their products are carried at Wegman’s as well.  They’re all individually wrapped, so they’re safe for the office.  As an added benefit besides the yum factor, World’s Healthiest Foods reports that cranberries are packed with anti-oxidants, help protect against UTIs and have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.  I was glad to know about the health benefits of cranberries as I gobbled up these super yummy vegan cordials.   Hope you enjoy them!

Did you find a great Accidentally Vegan product?  Send us a note to share your discovery and you could be featured on a future edition of  Yummy Plants’ Accidentally Vegan!   

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