Accidentally Vegan: Natural Decorating Colors from India Tree!

This week’s Accidentally Vegan feature is… Natural Decorating Colors from India Tree!

Shared by Rebecca Gilbert


St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and I’m planning to make some special green beverages to celebrate.   So, I began my quest for food coloring that is safe, healthy, and free of those icky synthetic dyes… enter India Tree!

Their products are made 100% from highly concentrated vegetable colorants.  They contain no corn syrup or synthetic dyes… wow!  And they have a handy guide on the back that reminds us how to create variations of colors… just in case we need it.

India Tree makes a whole range of chemical-free colorants, sugars, and sprinkles for cooking and baking.  It’s a great product option for making fun children’s foods too!   Pass the word on to anyone who is looking for chemical-free food coloring.  I found their products at the Whole Foods in Pittsburgh.  If you can’t find them near you, it’s easy to buy India Tree Natural Decorating Colors online through Amazon.

It’s the first brand I found that doesn’t have any chemical dyes.  If you have found any other brands, please let us know!

Thanks India Tree for giving us a fun and SAFE option for making green beer and other colorful treats!

Products featured on Accidentally Vegan meet these criteria:

1) They’re not packaged as a vegan product, but they meet vegan standards 


2) They’re labeled as vegan and taste so amazing that we want to make sure you know about them!

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  1. KSara says:

    Be careful with India Tree products. According to their website, they use sugar that has been refined with bone char. From what I can tell, their food colouring is vegan, but their sprinkles and coloured sugar are not.

    “India Tree decorative sugars and white baking sugars have been refined using bone char, which acts as a filter to remove impurities during the refining process. It is not an ingredient. Our sugar cubes and brown sugars from Mauritius are not filtered with bone char.”

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