Accidentally Vegan: Chocolate Coated Matzo by Yehuda Matzos!

Get Ready for Passover with… Chocolate Coated Matzo by Yehuda Matzos!


For all of our friends who are still celebrating Passover til the 14th, I wanted to give a shout-out for chocolate coated matzo. Chocolate covered matzo can be a great snack.  It’s light, crunchy, and it’s covered in CHOCOLATE.  Need I say more?

This product isn’t labeled with the vegan symbol, but the parve label means that it definitely contains no dairy products, and I checked the ingredients to confirm that these chocolate coated matzot are indeed egg-free.  And for people observing the Passover holiday, the Yehuda Matzos website certifies that their special Kosher for Passover products are produced under the supervision of the Orthodox Jewish community and certified as kosher by the Chief Rabbinate of Jerusalem.

I found this vegan chocolate covered matzo product at the Giant Eagle in Pittsburgh.  Surprisingly, I couldn’t find this vegan product online very easily, except by the case.  Also, be aware that some brands of chocolate covered matzo may be considered kosher dairy, and labeled as such.  If they’re made with milk chocolate, they won’t be vegan.

If you’re looking for a crunchy, chocolately snack during the Passover holiday, this one is a winner!  Happy Passover!


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